3 Online Degrees That Will Get You Big Pay Checks

You probably know this already, but your education will have a major impact on your career opportunities and choices. Online degrees open up new avenues of job possibilities by making needed training and education much more accessible to those who are unable to undertake or for personal reasons don?t desire a brick and mortar college experience.

So are you considering enrolling with an online college degree? Congratulations. Now that you?ve decided to pursue an online bachelor degree, the next question should be: in what field?

To this question, we have a few answers that put an emphasis on salary. Want to land a good job after you graduate with an online bachelor degree? Then you should check out these online degrees.

Engineering Managing

If you are good at analyzing and solving problems, engineering managing might be the online college degree for you. However, you?ll need to have some math experience and some education in engineering and architecture is preferred, maybe from a previous degree or course?

Education in engineering management can be pursued entirely online and once you graduate you can hope to make up to $132,800 a year. There are plenty of online degrees specializing in engineering management. For example, the Arizona State University and Penn State offers such an online college degree.

Advertising and Marketing

Marketing has been developing extremely fast in the last few years. Marketing agents and analysts can make up to $46,000 to $60,000 per year.

But marketing requires creativity and organization along with good knowledge of the market and how consumers? subconscious work. It?s a complicated field, but if you think you have what it takes you should know the Colorado State University offers an online bachelor degree in the field, while New England College of Business has a BSBA.

Human Resources Management

Human resources requires skills in planning and directing the overall administration of an organization. Normally, HR specialists only require a bachelor degree to get a job in the field. So if you have people skill, as well as solid administrative abilities you can go ahead and apply for one of the online degrees offered by the University of Phoenix, Capella University or the Southern New Hampshire University.

Once you apply, don?t forget about student scholarships. That?s right, don?t go thinking funding opportunities don?t apply to online students. That?s quite far from the truth. Most online colleges or schools offering online programs also award bursaries for their distance-learning students.

Be sure to check with your college if they offer any student scholarships and see what?s the criteria for applying. If you fit the requirements imposed, don?t hesitate to submit your application. It will feel great to have that financial burden being lifted off your shoulders while you pursue your studies.