Here Are 3 Types of Easy to Apply-To Scholarships

If you?re looking to apply to university, it?s highly important that you consider the topic of scholarships for college. Grants bring you free money you can use to finance your offline or online degree. Sure you have to apply for them, which usually takes time and effort ? but this way you can avoid being handed a huge bill along with your diploma.

Most of the times, online universities have lower tuition fees than traditional colleges, so if you?re comfortable with the idea of applying for a college degree online you have better odds at getting your degree funded. But even if you?re applying to traditional college, don?t lose hope. Keep in mind that it?s easier to apply to some scholarships than it is to others. To help you get started on your scholarship for college hunting quest, here are three examples of bursaries that won?t require you to send school transcripts or letters of recommendation.

Essay scholarships

Offline or online universities offering scholarships often ask for essays, on top of other documents. But there are some institutions that offer grants which require you submit only an essay in order to access a scholarship.

Essay scholarships often ask students to submit a short essay. For those who have writing skills this shouldn?t be a complicated task. On the contrary, a well-versed student in the art of writing should be able to complete the task within 1 hour. For those who aren?t so familiar with writing, it might take a bit more.

Remember, writing is an important skill to have no matter what college degree online or offline you choose to enroll with. So as you write these scholarship essays, you also prepare for student life.

Scholarships with atypical requirements

Not all scholarships are so straightforward. Sometimes you will need to perform a series of tasks in order to be able to apply to such a scholarship. If you got a bit confused by this description, let us give you a telling example.

One scholarship will ask students interested in enrolling with a traditional or online degree to apply by reading some info about automatic fire sprinkler systems and register by taking a 10-question quiz on that info. The prize for doing so is $2,000. As you can see it?s quite an easy way to make money for perspective students of offline or online universities.

Practical scholarships

Some scholarships won?t ask you to submit documents or essays, but something you have designed or crated. For example, one scholarship asks perspective college degree online or offline to design and wear a prom outfit made of duct tape. Applicants can enter the contest solo or as part of a couple and stand to win up to $10,000.

For future students of offline or online degree programs who are creative this is a super fun and easy task to take on, which allows them to earn money while having fun at the same time.

To which kind of scholarship will you apply?