Study in the Netherlands with AMC Medical Scholarship

Brief Details of AMC

Speaking of one of the major research institutions found in the Netherlands, you can proudly point at Academic Medical center. AMC is the largest hospital in the Netherlands, and the first medical institute in the Netherlands to totally combine a medical faculty and an institute into one. The AMC is more than just a University hospital. AMC is widely recognized as a good medical research institution that has been actively involved in scientific collaborations involving top-tier institutions.

Worth of Scholarship ?

The Academic Medical Center, Netherland, is offering scholarship for postgraduate medical studies in the Netherlands so if you have been dreaming of furthering your medical career, this is your opportunity.

This scholarship is strictly for MD/PhD degree program.

Furthermore, an internally funded MD/PhD Scholarship is entitled to ?108,023 (80% of the total scholarship). While for externally funded MD/PhD Scholarship, your supervisor has to provide ?27,006 (20% of the total scholarship).

Number of Scholarship and the Host Country

The number of scholarship available is not known. The scholarship can be taken in the Academic Medical Center?s premises in the Netherlands.

Application Deadline:?
August 17, 2017 is the deadline for this scholarship, so apply as soon as possible.

Applicants? Eligibility?

Applicants must reach the following criteria in order to be eligible for the scholarship

  • Applicants must have started their Bachelor degree program in Medicine in the academic year 2014-2015,?or
  • Must have started earlier and not have encountered any unnecessary delay in studies,?or
  • Started the Academic Medical Center pre-master program in Summertime 2016, and have not started clinical residency, and will not start a clinical practicum before 1st of March, 2018,or
  • You are a student who has been accepted in the ?nominal students program 2016-2017?, and
  • You will obtain a Bachelor?s or Premaster degree in Medicine before 1st, of January 2018.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants from the Netherlands and other international students from any country are qualified to apply for this scholarship program.

How to Apply for the Scholarship:?

The deadline of application for this scholarship is Thursday,?August 17, 2017.
Proposals e-mailed to Marlies Stouthard,? Four hard copies of your proposals should also be sent along.

To apply for this MD/PhD scholarship, you will be required to submit these documents for review:

  • A letter explaining your reasons for applying and how evidence that you fulfilled the requirements. (TIP: Make clear why you want an MD/PhD Scholarship, and why this specific research project);
  • The 2017 application form for the MD/PhD Scholarship, plus a research proposal and a list of your achievements and publications;
  • Your curriculum vitae, including the transcript of your bachelor degree earned from your university/college or equivalent issued by the faculty-student administration;
  • A written approval from your envisioned PhD supervisor that he or she is ready to act in that capacity;
  • A letter of endorsement from an Academic Medical Center PI, referring to your (past or current) research activities.

Link to the Scholarship form