4 careers you can pursue with an online sport management degree

Now you can pursue your dream getting enrolled in the Online Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degree program which is being offered by The University of Florida. With this online college degree you?ll learn all the necessaries skills to be used at this area, including marketing, law at sports and finances. Here you will see what careers you are able to go after with this online bachelor degree.

  1. Athletic Director: Earning this online bachelor degree you can be the Athletic Director which coordinates activities related to an athlete or a sport team a school or university has. They are in charge of the supervision of the execution of sport events hosted by the school such as games and fundraisings, and the participation in events hosted by other entities (at the US the host is the National Collegiate Athletic Association) such as sports conferences. They also have to be charged of the budget?s wisely distribution; and to look for the perfects coaches according to teams? expectations and successes. An athletic director?s median annual salary goes from $88,500 to $90,400 in elementary and secondary schools.
  2. Sport agent: Being a sport agent is one of the most dreamed jobs this industry offers and you can achieve getting this college online degree. You need to guide your athlete managing its money and choosing contracts requirements not only negotiating salaries (from the ones you?ll get your commission) but the securing pacts the athlete is going to enjoy. Besides this degree, it would be really helpful if you have legal background. The median annual salary is around $64,000 but the ones who are at the top gain around $166,000 a year.
  3. Facility manager: Maybe you can be a Facility manager which has the main responsibility of inspecting the care, security and sanitation of a facility; controlling its personnel, salary of each employee and theirs contracts. Studying at this online bachelor degree program you are able to work with a large number of people, so you?ll need to have leadership skills. Their median annual salary is usually around $86,000.
  4. Sports marketers: They help promote athletes and sport teams, in entry-level positions you may advance once you demonstrate you got the necessaries skills to do so and taking this online degree you will. It?s one of the highest with job availability due to the constant use of social media, the media annual salary goes is around $60,000.

If you want to know more about this careers, you can check them on this website. This online college degree program guarantees its student to gain abilities that will let them grow on this area with an internship in Sport management and elective courses related to legal and core courses such as Sport facility design. The application?s for this online degree deadline is on Friday July 14th don?t let this opportunity go away so you create a lifetime at the sport management industry with any of this careers. Check others online degrees programs you can take at The University of Florida.