The best way to find scholarships online

It is always a hustle to browse through thousands of grants and scholarships offered for your study. Luckily some people thought about giving us some help, and now we can apply for a scholarship using a website. You can easily find different scholarships or loan options using a portal that points you towards your specific domain and needs. We thought to create a list with the best ways for your scouting.

  • Peterson?s

    Using their website you can browse from undergraduate scholarships to master and Ph.D. grants recommended for your studies. You can choose a specific industry, find all the universities that offer a specific course that you would like to follow, loan options and so on. Here you can also find tons of articles about the registration process, fees and ways to go through your studies.


    Unigo is more like a review site. Besides scholarships, you can find reviews, ratings and you can get a clear idea on what to expect from a specific college or university. It has more than 3 million dollars in scholarships for a different type of programs, undergraduate, graduate or two-year courses.

  • Fastweb

    Fastweb is popular due to a wide range of information provided. Besides scholarships, with more than 3 billion awarded by now, and more than 1 million sponsored programs, Fastweb is also offering a career guide. Internships, volunteer programs can be found on their website from social sciences to engineering.

  • College Board

    The advantage of College Board is that you don’t need a registration form in order for you to find and apply for scholarships. It is a simple way to target scholarships based only on entry requirements and deadlines, without sharing your personal information. When you find a grant or scholarship that suits you best, you will be redirected towards the university website or sponsor.


    In here we can find more than 2 million scholarships, and the good part is that the website is updated daily. Also, it has one of the best search option available. You can search for a scholarship either by your targeted degree or the ones that suit you best for you current education status.

  • Cappex

    With Cappex you just sit around and wait. After you fill in all your details, you will receive updates with every scholarship or grant that is specially designed for your education background. It also has the ?Be recruited? section which allows you to get in touch with some colleges that are looking for students with your skills.