Top 5 online colleges

As more students tend to get their studies using online media, finding top notch online degrees is quite hard these days. As many online colleges tend to advertise their programs, it is better for us to select few of them that can offer a good perspective after finishing your studies.

  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University was founded in 1938 and from 1999 they provide online courses and degrees. Formerly named Quest College, it was since 2000 when it became Kaplan University. Around 30 students registered back then for studying using online education. Providing both, undergraduate and graduate programs, at Kaplan you can choose from a wide range of specialties. Among them, we can find social sciences, business, criminal justice, education, fire science, health sciences, legal studies, nursing, technology, military and general courses. They provide three types of scholarships, ?Every credit counts scholarship?, ?Military family scholarship? and ?Outside scholarships?.

  • The Open University

    Located in the UK, The Open University is one of the most popular online universities in Europe. If you are a resident in the UK for more than three years you can apply for a student loan and the government will pay for your entire courses. As for scholarships, they only have some programs available, but only for graduate degrees. A module with 60 credits will cost you 2786 pounds. You can apply for a degree in arts, business, computing, design, education, engineering, environment, health, languages, law, mathematics, social sciences and many others.

  • Swinburne University

    Founded in 1908 in Melbourne, Australia the university is creating the online studies program in 2011. With a tuition fee around 19000 AUS, you can study using an online program, business, design, media, and communication, psychology, social sciences, and education. You will need to take a small English test before applying, TOEFL, in order for you to qualify.

  • FernUni – Formation Universitaire

    With headquarters in Switzerland, FernUni is especially designed for online courses. However, they only have French and German courses and it is hard for those who are only familiar with the English language to enroll. They focus on economic studies and social sciences but even with a small range of courses is still one of the best online universities.

  • Ubiquity University

    Well, this is a totally different approach when we speak about the online universities. They came up with a different approach and is becoming more and more popular each time. At Ubiquity, you can really be an innovator. Their courses are not typical and they provide for a small fee, a Ba degree in Psychology. Courses like Theories and Methods of Integral Transpersonal Psychology or Understanding Science and the Mind are really something new. You only pay $300 for each course and you can take as many as you want for professional development.