Online degree programs at Atlantic International University

Earn an online degree in Atlantic international University. AIU was established in 1998 by Corporate Charter.

Atlantic international university (AIU) is an all-online university. With students in over 150 countries worldwide. AIU has been fully dedicated to improving the online experience of its learners and new entrants, and this has been made successful through the use of Open Educational System (OES) that fits in with the uniqueness and diversity of the students in Atlantic International University (AIU).

Atlantic international University is an accredited school. It was accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools (ASIC). This means your online degree is credible. Atlantic International University don?t follow obsolete process or requirements because they believe it will increase the financial burden on students and might hinder them from earning their college degree online.

Atlantic International University always encourage learner to demonstrate competency through research, reading, and independent learning in their specific field of study.

AIU has memberships and affiliations with various associations

If you wish to earn a college degree online in AIU, you will benefit the following:

  • Flexible Study Schedule

At AIU, you can study your full course online. Plus be able to work and save gas on transportation. It?s an online degree program so you have the power to decide when to study. Have you ever wondered what it did be like to decide whether a class will hold or not? Well, this is an opportunity where you are allowed to decide when to study and when not to study. At AIU, you can keep your job while studying at the same time. So it?s a win-win.

  • Fully Accessible

At Atlantic International University, academic resources, support team, and their degree program can be accessed anytime for anyplace. You will never be locked out of the portal at any particular hour. There is no ?Opening Hours nor Closing Hours? in this Online University.

  • 24/7 Support Team

As a learner in Atlantic International University who wish to earn a college degree online, you will enjoy the support of tutor assistants during your program. Support won?t be gotten from your advisor only, tutor assistants will always be there to answer your query in less than 24 hours.

  • Very Affordable

AIU respects and promotes Human Rights. Atlantic international University have an affordable tuition for their candidates and students.

What are the Programs offered at Atlantic International University?

At Atlantic International University, the following program are offered online ? 100%:

  • Bachelor
  • Certificate
  • Associate
  • Master
  • Doctorate
  • Post-doctorate

Are they Accredited?

Yes. AIU has been fully accredited by the Accreditation Services for Schools, Colleges, and Universities (Including Online Universities).

ASIC is a widely known accreditation agency known for its standard criteria for accrediting both traditional and online schools.

What are the admission requirements?

The admission requirements differ according to your choice of study program, which ranges from associate programs to post-doctorate degree program. Please visit this page to view a comprehensive list of their admission requirement based on the level of program offered.

What is their official website?

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