Have a feel of Online Education through Open University for FREE!

Ever felt like nothing is going your way? After all the research and submissions you’ve made, it seemed like nobody has responded, and you’re stuck at nowhere, not knowing what to do. This should not derail nor stop you. It takes time for your efforts to bear fruit. While waiting, have a feel of online education. Doing so will not only prepare you for your online degree but also save your money for college.

The Royal Charter in the United Kingdom created the Open University as an effort to encourage educational advancement for all ages, culture, and background. Initially developed as a support program, it has evolved into a range of services including the provision of online degrees. Online education has never been as true to its nature as Open University strives to be.

Imagine being able to boost your knowledge and experience formal learning? Consider having the opportunity for online education to set your expectations for your online degree. Maybe you’d like to explore summer programs at your own leisure time? Enrolling in the online courses that Open University offers gives you an advantage over other aspirants. You may use your learnings at your part-time work or you may use it later on when you take your online degee or when you go back to school. Being one step ahead by knowing more or being ready for the degree that you’ll take in the future will simply allow you to focus on learning. The best part of it is it’s free! Your money for college remains intact and learning doesn’t stop!

OpenLearn is Open University’s free learning course website. The website is user driven and will require you to register. It will not ask for any credit card information or payment but it will ask you to commit your time so you would be able to complete the course. There are about 1000 courses available grouped by categories or fields of interest. The available groupings for fields of interests are: 1) Health, Sports and Psychology, 2) Education and Development, 3) History and The Arts, 4) Languages, 5) Money and Business, 6) Nature and Environment, 7) Science, Maths and Technology, and 8) Society, Politics & Law.

I can sense your hesitation. Nobody gives away information for free. But think of it this way. The Internet contains a lot of information, do you think people are selling them? Open University is still a charitable program and it sustains its mission in partnership with many accredited organizations. The utilitarianistic aspect of the program may raise your eyebrows, but it wouldn’t change the fact that it is online and you can take advantage of it.

Try to review the general description of the courses. This will not require you to register. You will notice that each is measure by difficulty level and time. A general description for each course is available even without your user account. Creating an account is only required when you decide to enroll or take advantage of the available resources.

Try to review and see how it can help you with your online degree. Maximize your online education and save money for college.

Link: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses