Online Master in International Affairs and Diplomacy

Brief Description

United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) was established in 1963 by the United Nations (UN). The UNITAR is an arm of the United Nations created for the purpose of training and delegated to augment the effectiveness of the United Nations through diplomatic training, and to enhance the influence of national actions through public consciousness, enlightening and training of public policy officials.

United Nations Institute for Training and Research?s primary target is to assist developing countries, vulnerable communities, and conflict-inflicted areas with training and capacity development activities.

The institute is not funded from the United Nation?s budget. United Nations Institute for Training and Research?s headquarter is located in Geneva.

In regard to this, the establishment of this Master Degree course in International Affairs and Diplomacy online between the Open University of Catalonia and UNITAR and is of great significance.

This is an accredited Online University


This online degree program is designed to suit the needs of full-time professionals and students who are fascinated in both acquiring vital knowledge for understanding international affairs, as well as boosting their abilities in the exercise of diplomacy.

What Are the Objectives of The program?

There are certain objectives which are expected of the learners to achieve before or by the end of the program. These objectives are:

  • Acquire vital understanding of important issues, events, and concepts in global affairs and international relations.
  • Acquire the skill of critical thinking and learn vital analytical skills.
  • Be capable of confidently working in a multilateral and bilateral environment.
  • Advance their career by joining an extensive group of alumni across the globe.

What is the Course Duration?

The course duration of this course is 4 semesters for part-time. Meanwhile, full-time students will last for 2 semesters only.

When is The Next Session Starting?

The starting date for next academic session is 14th March 2018. Get yourself prepared for the course.

What are Their Tuition Fees?

  • For those who wish to undergo the Online Master in International Affairs and Diplomacy, the fee is $8,300
  • For those who are interested in the Post-Graduate in Diplomatic Skills and the Post-Graduate in World Studies, the tuition fee is $4,300

These courses can be taken 100% online. There wouldn?t be the need to travel to any campus. Just get your computer, and you are good to start learning online.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Please contact for any questions regarding the course.

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