Good at writing? Apply for this $1,000 scholarship at the Community College of Philadelphia

You want to go to college, but you?re not sure you?re willing to spend four years pursuing a full offline or online college degree? Well, have you considered enrolling with an associate degree online or on-campus?

Offered mostly by community colleges, associate degrees can get you into the job market within two-years. And the good news is that there are plenty of online associate degrees offered by online colleges too.

Some of these online associate degrees are accelerated programs, which means you might be able to graduate in less than two years. This are options which you need to consider, especially if you are a non-traditional student who has been thinking of going back to school.

Online education lets you get a bachelor or associate degree online even though you might be a single parent or taking care of a loved one and working a job. Given the laxer nature of online college degree programs, people can study while juggling other commitments at the same time.

In a fast-paced world like our own, online education is truly a blessing. And its opening up opportunities for a lot of people who otherwise would be stuck in low-paying jobs.

Traditional community colleges have also noticed the value of online education, so are now offering online college degree programs too. Not all of them, but some are jumping on board with the distance learning program trend.

So if you?re looking for online associate degrees, fire up your browser and start searching. You?ll get plenty of hits.

But just because you?ve enrolled with an associate degree online, doesn?t mean you won?t need help paying for it. A distance learning program is still expensive, no matter what you might have heard. Fortunately, online college degree providers will come to your aid by offering scholarships designed to help you pay for your distance learning program.

Here?s a pretty good example. The Community College of Philadelphia is handing out a $1,000 scholarship to a lucky student who has already applied for admission with the college.

Well this particular scholarship called The Anne and Andrew Abel Scholarship is aimed at those who have a passion for creative writing.

So if you are pursuing a career in arts or communications and are really good at writing (you have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in English) you are eligible to apply for this grant.

However, to be considered for the award, you?ll have to demonstrate significant financial need (have you filled out your FAFSA form yet?) and submit a two-page original work that will impress the judges.

You should be ready to submit your application before April 15.

This is just an example of community college offering financial aid for its students. But if you too have enrolled with an offline or online college degree, make sure you check for any funding opportunities with your university.