Nursing students can pay for school with this $5,000 scholarship

If your dream has always been to become a certified nurse, then the first step will obviously be to find the right institution of higher education in which to obtain the necessary degree.

The good news is that there?s plenty to choose from ? associate degrees online, bachelor?s, master?s or PhDs ? some online, some on-campus. Yes, these days, perspective nurses have a choice: they can either get their degree from a traditional college or pursue online college degrees instead. Indeed, the options are available and more and more online universities are offering nursing distance learning degrees these days.

But is it a good decision to go for one of the online college degrees in nursing? Well you will need to consider the advantages. Perhaps the biggest one is that bachelor or associate degrees online tend to be very flexible when it comes to scheduling. Therefore, nursing online college degrees are often more popular among people trying to get a degree, but also working a full time job.

Another major benefit of nursing distance learning degrees, is that students are not restricted geographically ? they can apply to online universities located miles away from their current location. So basically, a student can enroll in a reputable nursing program online, without having to move to another area and in turn save the money otherwise spend on commutes and travel.

But since we?re talking about distance learning degrees in nursing, students will be required to gain hands-on experience and training, so it might be necessary to take a lab or a course at a physical campus locally. Still, bachelor or associate degrees online in nursing can offer greater flexibility than strictly on-campus ones.

Another important advantage to take into consideration when considering online college degrees in nursing is funding. Yes, students of online universities are eligible for grants for school just like traditional students, you don?t need to be worried about that!

Actually, here?s one of the grants for school waiting for you out there that?s actually aimed at exclusively nursing students, both online and offline. Nursing Economics ? the journal for health care leaders ? has a grants for school set up and targeting Master and Doctoral students with a focus on administration or management.

Basically Nursing Economics is looking for candidates who are committed to pursuing a career in nursing administration, management, leadership, or education. Only Registered Nurses are eligible to apply for this $5,000 sponsorship.

In order to be considered for the award, nursing students must fill out the 2018 Scholarship application form and submit transcripts from all schools that awarded them a degree. The official GRE or Miller test results should also be included. What?s more, applicants are expected to send in their most recent CV, as well as a Personal Statement in which they talk about their Career Plans and Future Goals.

You have until May 15, 2018 to apply for this scholarship, so if you?re reading this now, you have plenty of time to put together your application portfolio.