The Milton Fisher Scholarship awards $10,000 in funding to reward innovation and creativity

Whether you are enrolled with an online masters degree or an on-campus bachelor program, you will have to deal with the same problem ? how to pay for your offline or online college classes?

A quick search online will reveal that on-campus and distance learning programs alike come with ginormous tuition fees attached to them. And while some people believe a distance learning degree is a lot cheaper than a traditional one, that?s not really the case.

When it comes to tuition, an online masters degree will probably cost you the same as if you?d be attending on-campus classes. But you?ll be able to save in other departments. Taking online college classes, means you?re studying from home, so you won?t have to worry about room and board and travel expenses. Not to mention that in the distance learning scenario you won?t have to spend money on study materials, because you?ll be getting them in digital form your distance learning degree provider.

But even if that?s the case, just because you?re enrolled with an online masters degree or any other type of distance learning programs, doesn?t mean you won?t need help paying for college.

Which means that as a distance learning student you too will have to take part in the college students? eternal crusade for scholarships.

Fortunately, the large number of scholarship programs available today, makes it seem like there?s a grant for everyone. Even so landing one is not as easy as you might think. To make sure your online college classes are taken care of tuition-wise, you will need to start your search early.

Distance learning programs are a lot more affordable when you have support from a scholarship to back you up. Just remember, some funding programs might not welcome students of distance learning degree programs, so you need to read the scholarship description carefully and in-full to make sure you?re not wasting your time.

Here?s an example of scholarship opened for all types of students including distance learning ones. The Milton Fisher Scholarship is a non-traditional scholarship designed to reward and encourage innovative and creative problem solving.

Applicants need to be either in high school or enrolled with an undergraduate degree program in a Connecticut or New York City metropolitan area.

In order to apply, candidates are expected to fill out the online application, as well as submit two letters of recommendations, a scanned copy of the letter of admission to college (if available), FAFSA form, a current school transcript and a project.

The student should have developed this project for their school or community and it must demonstrate innovation and creativity. Candidates are encouraged to submit a description of the project, alongside various supporting documents such as posters, flyers and other creative papers.

The Foundation behind the Milton Fisher Scholarship anticipates offering 3 to 6 awards of up to $20,000 to applications who impress the judging committee. You have until May 1 to apply for this scholarship.