Want to study abroad? Then why not apply for this $5,000 scholarship

Surprisingly a lot of students can feel nervous about studying abroad. Even if that may be the case, if the thought of studying with a degree abroad makes your eyes sparkle, then you should definitely pursue your dream.

Or you could start looking at online colleges instead. It?s up to you and your personality, not to mention the life situation you are in. If for example, you?re outgoing and come from a family that?s doing fairly well financially, then you can start thinking about studying in another country.

But what if you?re trying to hold a job, while also raising a family? Then online college courses might be the answer you?re looking for. Studying abroad definitely doesn?t come cheap, but degree programs at online colleges aren?t too gentle on your savings either.

However, in the case of online courses you?ll be able to save quite a few because you won?t have to worry about things like room and board, travelling expenses or spending money on educational materials. Online colleges usually offer everything you need to study (like manuals and books) in digital form, unlike traditional colleges where you have to invest quite a lot on getting the necessary support materials.

But degree programs abroad might have their unique set of advantages. Countries like Sweden or Denmark offer high education degree programs for free. Yes, you read that right ?for free. But living expenses, meals and the clothes you?ll need while living abroad do not come for free. And Sweden is a very expensive country to live in.

Those enrolled with online college courses, on the other hand, have to worry about paying college tuition. And in the US, going to university means you?ll have to spend lots and lots of money.

Even if you?re taking some online courses, it doesn?t mean they come cheap. Like in the case of traditional universities, online courses programs come with high fees attached to it. Fortunately, you can apply for student grants to offset the high costs of online college courses. The same goes for those looking to study abroad ? student grants for them are also available.

Some organizations and third-party institutions are willing to offer student grants to those looking to pursue a degree in a foreign country. It?s the case of Golden Key ? a foundation which supports students who have exhibited leadership qualities throughout their years in school.

Golden Key is giving away the Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship which is worth $5,000. It?s offered for students who are Golden Key member who want to pursue an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate studies in a foreign country.

In order to apply for this scholarship, candidates have to submit a description of the planned program abroad (no longer than 2 pages), a personal statement in which they describe the rationale behind their decision to study abroad, a CV, current academic transcript and a letter of recommendation.

An emphasis should be place on why studying abroad will help the student achieve her/his goals. You have until June 15, 2018 to apply for this grant.