?1,500 Newcastle University Global Opportunities Santander Scholarships

Live and study or work in a new country and become part of an exciting global network during your time at Newcastle University with the help of a Global Opportunities Santander Scholarship!

Aimed at: Postgraduates, Pre-graduates


  • Widening participation criteria will mirror that of the Newcastle University Careers Insights Bursary.
  • Every requests should be addressed to Newcastle University Global Opportunities.
  • Students should note that the personal statement submitted for their Study Abroad application would form part of the scholarship application process. Any student who has already submitted their Study Abroad application and who wishes to review their personal statement in light of this should contact Global Opportunities who will re-open their application without prejudice.

Description of the scholarship:

Students who meet our widening participation criteria and who are applying to study abroad at one of our 60 + Non-EU partner institutions or to carry out a work placement in a Non-EU country are eligible to apply for a ?1500 scholarship to help them with travel and other expenses.

Widening participation criteria for this scholarship is in line with the Newcastle University Careers Insights Bursary.

Destination country: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Korea (Republic of), United States of America

Term of scholarship: Semester or Full Year

Amount: ?1,500

What does the scholarship include? Economic amount

Number of scholarships offered: 25

Additional Information:

Students should apply for Study Abroad or register their work placement via the internal application system and after consultation with their School Exchange Coordinator. Scholarships will be assigned once nominations to partner institutions have been agreed.

They will endeavour to inform all students of the outcome of their scholarship application ahead of the application deadline of their host institution. However, they cannot guarantee that students who are applying to institutions with a deadline earlier than 13th March 2020 will be informed of the Scholarship outcome prior to this date.

Students planning work placements in Non-EU countries which are not listed above may still be eligible to apply and should get in touch with Newcastle University Global Opportunities via studyabroad@newcastle.ac.uk.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Meeting the eligibility criteria and requirements for the Newcastle University Global Opportunities Santander Scholarship does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded.
  • The awarding panel has the authority to administer Scholarships and adjust payment amounts based on assessment of student needs.
  • The awarding panel’s decision is final.
  • Only one Santander Scholarship will be awarded to one student annually.
  • The Scholarship may be withdrawn if the study abroad experience is not eventually undertaken, or the destination changed to a non-eligible country, in which case a member of Newcastle University Global Opportunities team must be informed at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • We cannot guarantee that students who are applying to institutions with an application deadline earlier than 13 March 2020 will be informed of the Scholarship outcome prior to this date.
  • Scholars who receive a bursary will be required to write a brief impact report on their return to Newcastle University.

Please note: By submitting an application you understand and agree the information you provide will be shared with the panel, the relevant staff administering the funding, and also Santander Universities. Please note that all aspects of your financial and personal circumstances will be treated in complete confidence. Details can be find here